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Giacomo Rossi


Hi, it's Giacomo Rossi and it's nice to meet you here.


Please, if you want, surf this little and simple web site.

To let me know you better, and to know who is visiting this website, If you want, you may get into the CONTACTS page.

Someone could ask himself why I'm trying to write my first website in English and not in Italian language which is my mothertongue.

I think that, having choosen an ".eu" domain, the language used should be the language which can be read and got it by the biggest number people as possible; this should be my will to be first European, than Italian; or better ever more European and at the same time, consequently, ever less Italian.

But this should also be, in my intention to move in the United Kingdom, the way to contact as much people as possible.

I know that I'll make a lot of mistake because English Language isn't my first language, but the only way to learn something is to daily use it, struggling, studying, thinking with much of effort.

I hope who will read this, could appreciate my work, also offering me advices and correcting my unaivoidable mistakes, in order to help me to improve my English.

So, improving my second language, should also be a good way to help me in having more chance to move in the United Kingdom, Country I really dream to move and live.

I would really thank all would help me in reaching this target.


Giacomo's website

This website is to let know people who I am, what are my interests, my dreams and my hopes and, maybe, to help me to realize my dream, to move and to live in the United Kingdom.

I want tip you off thati this website is continuously updated.

This is my first experience in website designing and I'll make some obvious mistakes.

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